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Xero Training for Courageous Business Chicks

Account Aspects Founder and Xero training expert, Leigh Cummings had the privilege to attend the 2017 Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus Conference in Noosa.

At the conference Nadine Champion, undefeated martial arts fighter and respected teacher was one of the inspirational speakers.  During her talk, 10 seconds of courage: Life Lessons from a Fighter, Nadine told her story of rising to the top of her sport and then was struck down by illness. Her message?  We all have something worth fighting for, whether that’s going to university, jumping out of a plane or buying a house. All too often we give up before achieving our dreams for fear of losing the battle. Her first TED talk is featured giving you insight into her courage.

Starting a business takes courage. Businesses are born through passion, fuelled by determination and are the result of expertise. There is a great sense of pride and accomplishment in creating something you believe in and watching it succeed.
Defining your goals for your business is crucial. How many customers will I need? What products will you offer? What turnover is required to support, first the business and then the lifestyle of you and your employees? What do I want my business to look like in 5 and 10 years’ time?

 Where ever you are in your business journey, Xero training will empower you

As a business owner, you must find your 10 seconds of courage to take the next step, just like Nadine.  This involves making the hard decisions and taking risks. This is the way to achieving your goals. Take a chance to stand up, fight the battles and overcome your fear failure.

What if you had the opportunity to stand in front of investors or potential clients and failed miserably………but What if you rock it? Now that could be life changing.

We all have times where stress overwhelms us from mounting responsibilities. We can be so driven by our passion that we don’t realise there is more to running a successful business. Being a ‘Jack of All Trades’ intensifies that overwhelming stressed feeling.  If finances are not your strength, find support and measure your results to reach your goals. Its important to focus on your strengths, empower your clients and live the lifestyle you imagined. You can have it all, it’s about balance. Find the time to enjoy your business and your personal life surrounded by family and friends.

 It takes courage and worth the result when you ask for help.

At Account Aspects, we still need to be reminded to stay true to our focus and vision, even after 15 years of business.  We constantly surround ourselves with professionals and seek support as we continue to learn on our business journey.
Don’t go into business and become a slave to your trade. Delegate jobs you procrastinate over and partner with experts to improve your knowledge. Seek support and continue to learn with Xero training.  You wouldn’t consult an interior designer to build a house, so don’t pressure yourself to know it all. Find your courage, overcome your fear and spend more time doing the ‘bit’s you love. Your family and colleagues will thank you for it.  Surround yourself with professionals and start
Bookkeeping sits at the core of a successful business. Using Xero improves accuracy giving you real-time record keeping to continually monitor your business results. Your numbers demand respect. They don’t lie. Respecting your numbers is allocating time, learning correct procedures and interpreting the outcomes. If you don’t respect your bookkeeping, your numbers will be unreliable and it is time to delegate. Valuable insights is the key to solving issues before they turn into problems. This will ultimately boost your business growth.

Account Aspects is your professional bookkeeper and Xero training expert.

It doesn’t matter if you have tried and messed up your bookkeeping. What matters is you’ve had a go and it might be time to delegate. Account Aspects are professional Xero training certified consultants.  There is no judgement and applaud you for having a go.  We offer one on one Xero training sessions customised to support you through the issues and to improve your knowledge of bookkeeping. Each business is unique, so we tailor our sessions to suit your stage in business and level of knowledge.

You can choose to continue to fake it……..But what if this is the one thing needed to boost your business?

 Our clients have told us that the call they made to us for Xero training was life changing.
We challenge you to find your 10 seconds of courage and pick up the phone or email us today.

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