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Account Aspects 15 Years in Bookkeeping Business

We made it! 15 years as a

Newcastle Bookkeeping firm

Account Aspects is a Newcastle Bookkeeping firm empowering clients to create opportunities and grow their business.  Account Aspects was founded by Leigh Cummings who still owns and operates our Newcastle Bookkeeping firm today.

There has been so many challenges, milestones and evolution throughout our 15 years in the Newcastle Bookkeeping industry.  Embracing these changes has earned us the reputation of being the trusted bookkeepers’ small business owners rely on from Newcastle and all over Australia.

Our Background  

Being a Newcastle local, Leigh worked for a Leading Australian Banking Institution where she developed her skills and learnt the importance in accuracy.  She studied and became a qualified and Registered BAS agent.  Account Aspects was first established in May 2002 and originally operated as a Home-based Newcastle bookkeeping business.

Our Motivation

When assisting business customers daily, they shared their struggles with organising paperwork, understanding GST reporting and managing cashflow.  There was a burden felt when faced with bookkeeping which took time away from business and families.  Leigh’s passion to help small business owners with their bookkeeping, day to day transactions and GST obligations was one she had to pursue.

Our Delivery

Account Aspects systematic approach to each job completed is always the same. Every business has its unique requirements for which a personalised process is developed.    Leigh’s experience is built on solid fundamentals which she instils in her team.

Servicing our Bookkeeping clients over the last 15 year has evolved. When Account Aspects was first established, we used desktop software.  When taking our bookkeeping client’s file offsite, it would have a major impact on the operations of their business.  Using desktop software restricted our client reach to the Newcastle Bookkeeping area.  We now use Xero, a cloud based software enabling us to help our bookkeeping client anywhere, anytime.

Our Purpose

During our 15 years in business, our bookkeeping services has taken a natural evolution.  Business owners crave support and want more than paperwork entered and BAS returns lodged.

Accuracy is relied on by Our Clients and their Accountants

Through the introduction of Xero and cloud based software, our purpose and vision transformed.  We help business owners use their numbers to make decisions and create opportunities for growth.  We use Xero and Addon software to find solutions solving inefficiencies in business that would save them both time and money.

Our Future

The last 15 years as a Newcastle Bookkeeping business has given us the chance to work with amazing business owners following their dreams.  Our purpose intensifies as technology gets smarter enabling us to save you time and money.  Continuing to attend conferences and training expands our knowledge to assist business owners understand their financials, set budgets and achieve goals.

The pace of change is overwhelming, for us it builds our passion

Social media has helped us to connect to a world beyond Newcastle.  We have learnt from our connections and shared knowledge and experiences building long term relationships.  Sharing our expertise through Blogs and videos has seen us features in Kochie’s Business Builders, Hunter Headline and Lake Macquarie Business.

The future for Account Aspects is bright.

Our vision is to empower business owners with purpose and passion so they can live the lifestyle they deserve.

Write us a comment below telling us your experiences in business.  What has changed for you over your years in business?  What is one thing that has really helped you through?  We would love to hear your stories.

Our business story sparked inspiration with Kochie Business Builders who interviewed us.  Read our interview here.

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