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How the ‘Cloud’ Can Benefit Your Business

often find that when I speak with new clients they are aware of the ‘cloud’ but don’t have a full understanding just how helpful it can be to their business.
In the past organisations had to invest time and effort trying to keep track of document versions and providing onsite and offsite access for their staff & professional advisors. Using the cloud, these worries and burdens have become a thing of the past. The cloud refers to an online data storage solution, which is not only cost-effective, but allows you to access and work with your data pretty much anywhere! From the perspective of direct benefits to our clients, using the cloud means that we all have access to the real time data, removing the issue of version control and access. We can access any financial data you give us permission to view, making working together a smooth and seamless process. There are a lot of different types of software now available in the cloud, which means that all your systems can be integrated to become one complete business system. Your emails, Word documents and Excel files can now be integrated along with your POS systems, to connect everyone within your network. Of course some clients do wonder about the security of their information in the ‘cloud’, however organisations such as Xero, invest heavily to ensure their data remains secure. They have third party certifications and inspections, firewalls, user passwords, physical security and much more! You can read all about it here. To read more about how Account Aspects works with Xero, click here.

Learn more about how Account Aspects works with Xero.

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