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Xero Invoice Reminders

Xero Invoice Reminders feature release from Xero will become your Secret Weapon to improving your Cashflow.  The most effective way to Achieve Positive Cashflow is to get paid on time.  Having the conversation with your customers regarding payments can sometimes be awkward and could tarnish your business relationships.  Making phone calls and chasing customer payments can also be time consuming when you could be using this time to grow your business.

By enabling Xero Invoice Reminders,  this relieves you from the conversation, frees up your time and enables faster more prompt payments from your customers.

The Xero Invoice Reminders can be turned off for selected customers and customised to suit your business.  You can set the reminders up in accordance to your terms of business.

Watch the Xero Video which explains more about the Xero invoice Reminder feature and how this can work for your your business.

See Xero Video

Xero is consistently evolving their software and the contact screen has improved since the release of this video.
At Account Aspects we work with business owners on a daily basis.  We use the software and discover new features like Xero Invoice Reminders on a regular basis.  We understand that these features can sometimes be complicated and we are here to support you and help your business run more efficiently.

Contact Account Aspects to implementing Xero invoice Reminders  and other features for your business today.


Contact Account Aspects to assist with implementing Xero invoice Reminders for your business today.

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