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Surviving the Christmas Shutdown Period

Christmas is a time for getting together with family and friends and enjoying the festive season. Can you really enjoy this time if your cashflow is taking a hit?

Christmas shutdown has seen your business doors close, although the business still runs. Relying on a Professional Bookkeeper’s services can take the stress out of your Christmas supporting your business to continue with

  • Booking Jobs for the New Year
  • Collection of customer payments
  • Employee’s salaries
  • Holiday pays and Leave Loading
  • Christmas gifts & Functions
  • Supplier Accounts

And Don’t Forget Paying Yourself This Christmas

When was the last time you reviewed your business plan?

As you would agree to run a successful business, planning needs to be at the forefront.  Your business plan needs to include all facets of business including your financial position.

Strategic planning entails looking at known peaks and troughs in your business through analysing past performances and what you have planned for the future.  We also look at the number of weeks there are in different months to cater for increased month expenses.  You can use strategic planning to ensure cashflow is consistent over your Christmas shutdown period.

Business planning needs to be considered in all stages of business and become a working part of your business.

There is no point putting together a business plan and stashing it in the cupboard never to be seen again.  Before you close this Christmas dust off your plan and ensure it is still in line with your direction.

So What’s Stopping You?

We have found the 4 top reasons why many businesses put off updating their business plan

  • Their vision has changed since starting their business
  • They don’t know where to start
  • They start the process, although don’t understand how to forecast their cashflow
  • They did not have a good plan to start with

How can partnering with Account Aspects elevate the stress often associated with Christmas shutdown period?

  • Firstly we would offer a no obligation free consultation to discuss the needs of your business.
  • We can convert your current system to a cloud based software giving you flexibility to monitor your business away from your desk.
  •  We can give you time to have your Christmas holiday by helping with the day to day processing of your transactions.
  • We can remind clients of your trading terms and put a plan into place to collect outstanding monies owed by clients.
  • We can take on your payroll adhering to awards ensuring happy employees.
  • We can help set financial goals and budgets and set your business up for success.

Our extensive experience has seen us help clients achieve their goals for more than 12 years. Strategic planning provides you direction to make the business decisions you need grow your business into a success.

Contact us today…You never know it could lead to an extended holiday in the Bahama

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