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Social Media has become an important tool for Account Aspects Bookkeeping becoming a social business. 

The Bookkeeping industry has been digitally disrupted with the explosion of Cloud Software and is constantly changing the way we conduct our business.  Through Social Media we interact in conversations involving ourselves within the global network.  Using Social Media has given us access to experts enabling us to build on our knowledge in the Bookkeeping Industry.  Keeping up to date with new technologies and aligning ourselves with Cloud Software brands such as Xero has broadened our expertise. Following and interacting with Xero social media presence has enhanced our trust in their brands allowing us to greater assist our clients.

Choose Your Platform

Social Media comes in many different platforms.  Knowing which Social Media Platform your audience and peers network with will help you decide which one is right for you and your business.  The important part is to be social and get amongst it.

Why Twitter has become our favourite form of Social Media?

1.Global Engagement

People on Twitter are able to get involved in the conversation from anywhere giving you global engagement.  The interaction between followers by replying to tweets, retweeting, quoting the tweet or making a tweet your favourite allows your content to be seen globally and outside your network.  Since signing up to Twitter we have found a higher level of engagement showing professional respect encouraging us to share our content.

2.Great Source of Information

Twitter is our go to place to follow our Bookkeeping Industries Influential People and become involved in webinars to stay at the forefront of our industry.  Being a business owner is about being the best in your industry although, working on your business is just as important.  Getting involved in Twitter we have found Blog articles that has assisted us in learning the business side of being in business and allowed us to grow.

3.Social Builds Reputation.

The best way to get the most out of Twitter is to get involved.  Sharing content, articles and insights while being transparent, showcases your expertise becoming trusted within your network.  If the information you source enlightens you, share it with your followers.  The content you share enhances your reputation and encourages people to follow you and grow your networks.

4.Business Network.

Social Media provides greater accessibility to global networks and helps you to build professional relationships.   Contributing to conversations involving influential people within your field highlights your expertise and increases your business network.  By growing our business networks we have gained greater access to a more diverse range of industries giving value-add for our clients.

5.Drive Traffic to Your Website.

Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to your website which helps your SEO rankings. Tempting people when tweeting using popular industry topics and adding links to your website in order to read the full article.  Once visitors are on your website they navigate through various pages learning more about your business potentially becoming customer. Being in small business for 13 years, we understand the various roles a small business owner needs to master.  Connecting with other business owners has given us the courage to conquer these various roles and share our experiences.  We are a small Newcastle Bookkeeping Business with an online presence which has enabled us to refine our brand’s voice due to the webinars and articles we have experienced.  With the use of Social Media and taking our business online, we are now surrounded with people that have contributed to our success.  Continuing to build on our knowledge and evolve our business will ensure we continue to be your trusted advisor.

Build Your Social Business, Get Social & Link with us on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest.

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