Xero training workshops are crucial to make insightful business decisions.

Our Xero Training Workshops were developed to improve savvy small business owner’s knowledge on how to use Xero in their business.  You may have started your own business and signed up to Xero. Business mentors recommend Xero and state it as simple to use. You login to the dashboard and think where do I start? How do I use this software?

Did you know that 50% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years of business?  This is according to the stats from Small Business Association.

Account Aspects mission is to reduce failure and help small business owners succeed. We have seen and reconstructed many Xero files that were in chaos. The key to change is to empower business owners and their staff through Xero training workshops.

Our Xero training workshops focus on teaching the foundations of Xero.  We take you through the functionality of the core features of Xero.  Your understanding and confidence will grow. We show you how consistency leads to accuracy by following our keys to bookkeeping success.

The Xero training workshops are set in a private room with a max of 6 attendees.  We follow a manual developed of the core features of Xero. This manual has examples and places for you to write notes so you can practice what you have learnt on completion of the workshop. You will leave feeling you have a comprehensive grasp of Xero.

Account Aspects run two different Xero training workshops. One covering Xero’s core fundamentals features and the other covering payroll and reporting.

The Fundamentals – Xero Training Workshops

This is our flagship Xero training workshop. In this workshop we focus on getting the basics right exploring the purpose of the core features. We break the workshop into modules and take you through examples. The workshop is designed to be hands-on helping you to learning the skills and ask questions as you go.

Intro & Overview of Xero

Xero is beautiful, easy to use software.  It is designed to be set up and used the way you as an individual like to use the software.  There are different ways to get to the important parts of the software.  We use this topic to familiarise you with Xero and tips to set the dashboard up just the way you like it.

Sales Invoicing

This is your invoice system. Through sales you can provide quotes, send invoices and reminders to your clients. We will show you how to create new invoices, repeating templates and to copy from previous invoices. Adding tracking to your business will provide more insights which our trainer will discuss.

Supplier Purchases

This is your supplier bills section. We also recommend using this feature even if you are on a cash basis as consistency is key to accuracy. When entering your purchases, you can keep a track of your expenses, manage your payments and balance supplier statements. Attaching electronic invoices to your purchases moves you closer to a paperless office. You will see improvements in your cashflow by relying on Xero and your systems rather than your memory will free you from your desk.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling your Xero file is what brings everything together and the most important step to get right.  Transactions from your bank account are fed directly into the software allowing you to match transactions created in Xero. It highlights additional transactions to be entered and payments made.

Payroll & Reporting – Xero Training Workshops

Staff are an important part of business. It is proven that happy employees are productive employees.  They reward you with hard work and business growth that it is your responsibility to pay them correctly.

In this workshop we take you through setting up your Xero file for payroll.  This includes verifying your company settings, creating a payroll calendar, state holidays and pay items.  We then show you how to set up your employees and what detail you need for the different employee tabs. The workshop takes you through entering timesheets, creating a payrun, reconciling your wage payments and using Autosuper to pay your superannuation obligations.

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is now mandatory where you must submit your payroll information to the ATO each time you pay your staff.  We make this seamless and show you how to set this up and connect to the ATO.

Lastly we take a look at reports and how you can use them to gain insights into your business.  When you have accurate data and run meaningful reports, you can make important decisions for your business.  We show you where to find reports and customise them so they are beneficial to the information you need.


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