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ServiceM8 and UrbanOps – Client Case Study

Our ServiceM8 Client

UrbanOps is our bookkeeping client that required a more efficient way to manage their jobs. Account Aspects introduced ServiceM8, which has transformed their business. UrbanOps Team

They are trade qualified property makeover specialists elevating residential and commercial properties across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Region since 2004. Their commitment of quality and building relationships to deliver excellent properties is what they are renowned for.  Their goal is to help you fall in love with your surroundings, whether it is making your house a home or uplifting your business space to amazing.

Account Aspects began working with UrbanOps in October 2019. They heard we were Xero experts from their accountant. Their bookkeeper had to align with their values of loyalty, accountability and innovation.  Communication is an important element in this successful relationship.  Each week we discuss cashflow, including customer project payments and pay suppliers on time. We process weekly payroll, pay superannuation and GST obligations adhering to deadlines.  We are also their to support them achieve their business goals.

UrbanOps Problem

As UrbanOps reputation grew, so did their business and their team. Job leads received via phone or email are then scheduled for quoting.  The admin staff would enter the details in Xero and send an online quote for acceptance.  Once the client accepted a quote, the project entered the schedule. This process involved using outlook calendars and a whiteboard.  Although the processes were stringent, the system was not integrated. This left room for error and was not sustainable in a growing business.  The admin part of the business was costing money and time consuming. Safety compliance is serious business at UrbanOps. The staff filled out paper risk assessments forms. These forms often returned to the office ripped and coffee stained. The forms need to be electronic and attached to the specific jobs for compliance.

“All  our  jobs  require  scheduling  and  pre-planning.  We  needed  a  better  way  to  manage  our  ability  to  consistently  track  work  across  our  various  systems  in  a  time  effective  manner.  ServiceM8  was  the  solution  we  were  looking  for.”  Sean Shanahan

Account Aspects Solution

Account Aspects has been using Xero and is an active member of their community since 2011.  We attend conferences to enhance our Xero knowledge. Its also important to build relationships with Add-on service providers. The solutions they provide deliver answers to problems business owners encounter.  We met ServiceM8 at Xerocon in 2014. They impressed us with their tradie job management solution. Sean from UrbanOps had heard of ServiceM8 before we offered the solution.  He worked with other tradies using the software to run their business.  We dove right in to decipher the key features they required.  A job management software that combined modern technology and communication was key. This combined with safety regulations without interruptions to their business.  This would allow them to continue to deliver quality workmanship with confidence. ServiceM8 ticked all the boxes. They excel at communication, job dispatch, quoting and invoicing, real-time visibility and easy location of staff on location.

ServiceM8 enabled UrbanOps to schedule projects and their team to exceed client expectations.

Account Aspects commenced by setting up ServiceM8 integrating it with Xero.  Next, we constructed a profile true to their brand. This involved creating professional forms along side job-winning quote and invoice templates. The templates include company terms and conditions to set client expectations.  The third part of the process was to training to their admin staff. This was crucial to ensure a seamless transition to their new system.  Fourth was time to empower the field staff using the mobile app on their iphones. Account Aspects demonstrated ServiceM8 in field conditions showing them what role they play. The team has a broad age group and all found the app easy to understand.

The Achieved Result

The job scheduling has freed cumbersome processes that were reliant on human interaction.  Prior to ServiceM8, clients were often not home when UrbanOps arrived.  It blew them away with how much wasted time they are now saving. This is thanks to the ability to notify clients of their upcoming appointments.
UrbanOps has always delivered their services in a professional manner. Now the booking and job management process is straightforward and effortless. This is from the first client contact through to job completion.   Thanks to the awesome features, they have business visibility in real-time anywhere, anytime. Their goal of delighting clients with beautiful spaces is now achieved simply with no frustration to them or their clients.

After  our  training  with  Account  Aspects  we  have  streamlined  our  tracking  &  scheduling  process  with  the  use  of  ServiceM8.  The  software  and  continued  support  from  the  team  has  been  a  boost  to  our  expedited  workflow  and  we  are  enthusiastic  on  its  continued  implementation  in  the  future.   From  the  team  at  UrbanOps,  thankyou  Account  Aspects!”  Sean Shanahan

UrbanOps have a strong work ethic and values which align with Account Aspects.  They want to grow their business and understand the importance of accurate bookkeeping.  Finding solutions and being an integral part of the process is our passion. If you  are experiencing business growth, want a better way of doing business or want to be like UrbanOps, contact us today to get you started on your ServiceM8 and Xero journey.

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