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Xerocon Bookkeepers Highlights

Xerocon Sydney 2014 is an event Account Aspects is proud to attend as it affirms our decision to commit to Xero.

 Xerocon is the annual conference Xero delivers to inform their partners about new features and their add-on partners.   Their sessions are focused on supporting Bookkeeping and Accounting professionals grow their practices.

Xero wanted to showcase real-life examples of how their features have helped businesses.  We were excited when our Account Manager nominated us for our tweet to be showcased on the floor at Xerocon.

Xerocon is about the talent of the speakers.

Speaking on the Xerocon Main Stage

Our highlights were Chris Ridell & Adam Ferrier.

The presentation given by Chris Ridell on the Digital Disruption and the futuristic role it will play within our Bookkeeping and Accounting Practices resonated with Account AspectsChris challenged us to think differently and embrace the digital revolution.   He gave us an insight on how technology is a way of life for Gen Z and how they will be our customers in the future.  We need to acknowledge the momentum of this digital disruption and the opportunities the cloud brings to survive in the modern world.

When Adam Ferrier stepped onto the stage and started speaking about his ex-girlfriend we were unsure of where the presentation was going. It was clear when he stated that he wanted to change her perception of him.  Adam gave us insights into marketing concepts and how it is used to manipulate our behaviour into buying a brand or product.  It was interesting to hear how ‘Asking someone to do you a favour’ would give the person a sense of investment and would enable them to like you more and promote your product.  Adam challenged us to think outside the box and make it normal and others will follow. Adam ended is presentation with this video to show the power of changing people perceptions.

Add-On Partners

The Add-on Partners and demos are an essential part of Xerocon showcasing their software and how they complement Xero.  The add-ons allow Bookkeepers and Accountants to interact with them and ask questions based on our client’s needs.   Their seamless integration widens our eyes to the possibilities the partnership bring to our services.  Account Aspects is expanding our partnerships to provide the diversity of solutions businesses are seeking.


Photos were taken by Sharesight Photo Booth. A big part of Xerocon is to make connections with other Bookkeeping and Accounting professionals.  It is a place to talk tech about your craft and develop new expertise.

Xerocon and the digital disruption is making business cards a thing of the past.  Our lanyards became our business card with a chip on them exchanging details through an iPad.  The other person put theirs on after yours and your details were transferred.  This was done at the Add-on Partner displays for them to catch up with you after Xerocon and discuss their products in more detail.

Continuing to Develop

The video gives you a snippet of how Xerocon comes together and why the speakers wanted to be involved in such an exciting event.

The CEO, Rod Drury explains how they are still at the beginning of the journey as to where they want to take Xero.  The possibilities are endless as our world changes digitally and our needs for new features continue grow.

The Xero team acknowledge their partners and customers importance and evolve their product based on their consumer needs.

To watch and interact with the CEO, Rod Drury as he skateboards around the exhibits, to chat with Xero staff while waiting for a coffee, to join Xero staff on the dance floor to party watching the band made up of Xero staff at the Awards Dinner is refreshing.  The welcoming feeling you get by being a Xero partner is unique and makes you proud to be associated with such an amazing company.

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