Kayla Butt, Account Aspects Administration Trainee


We are excited to introduce you to our administration trainee, Kayla Butt. Account Aspects helps small businesses with the Bookkeeping and Xero Training and as our clients grow so do we. Finding staff can be challenging because the right person can be rare to find. Reliable staff with a commitment to learning and a passion with strong values are what we look for in a person.  Kayla brings a positive vibe to the office with her up beat, bring it on attitude.

We sat down with Kayla to find our more about her and how she is settling into her role as administration trainee.

Tell me a little bit about yourself? 

I am 21 years old. I am a very caring and loving person. l am that type or person that you can always come to, if it’s for advice or just someone to talk to.  

 What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I love to spend my time with my partner doing car activities. We have a liking to Subaru cars. My Partner Matt and I both own Subaru’s. I enjoy going to car events and meeting new people. I enjoy going for walks in Newcastle of an afternoon while the sun starts to set. I enjoy going for cruise in the car listening to music. I also love animals especially cats and dogs, every time l go for a walk along the foreshore l am always on the look out for cute dogs.

What is your role within Account Aspects? 

My role within Account Aspects is Administration Trainee. I will be under going my Cert IV in Business Administration. I will be that friendly face greeting clients when they come into the office. I will be organising appointments and customer enquiries. I will be supporting my team members by ensuring all their tasks are completed and everyone is up to date with all the appropriate information. 


What do you like about working for Account Aspects? 

Account Aspects is the most friendly easy-going work environment to be in. l have met some of the most amazing people both team members and clients.  Working here, I have gained s

ome great friendships. I have been given a great opportunity with my studies and learning all the skills and fundamentals of being an Administration Trainee. The bookkeeping industry is very interesting and I am enjoying learning this line of work.

Why did you want to work in this industry? 

This is a role I have worked towards since completing high school. Studying business studies as part of my HSC drove me to pursue work in a professional business environment.  Once I completed my Cert II in Business Administration this confirmed my ambitions to strive for a great long-term career. I look forward to developing my skills and showing with determination the team at Account Aspects all I have to offer. 

What are your strengths?  

I believe my strengths are communication, positivity and commitment. I am very committed to my role within the team and enjoying the new challenges. I love coming to work each day bringing my up beat and positive attitude. Being a strong communicator, using apps like Trello is the key to success to strengthen communication within a team. I have a passion for learning and embrace new experiences.  Working with Account Aspects is allowing me to use my strengths and enhance my passion for learning.